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[, Music, ] personalized your life with the easy to by Moen shower with Wi-Fi connectivity and cloud support. You can create up to 12 presets to set the perfect temperature and control your shower, create a customized showering experience right from your smartphone or your shower controller available in either a 2 or 4 outlet system you buy. Moen allows you to create your perfect shower. The controllers, unique finish, coordinates with any bathroom style you buy. Moen will even notify you when your shower is ready and automatically pause until you are ready to get in and Moens warranty provides peace of mind the you by Moen shower the shower designed just for you. Moen buy it for looks, buy it for life. Here comes a new concept for your home: the world’s first smart touchless, faucet, adapter, techo, auto water, [, Music, ], [ Applause, ] wife can sometimes get messy techo otto water teaches children, hand-washing habits and helps your busy household get rid of germs. It has two powerful sensors for on and on with the timeout protection that stops the water automatically. The bottom sensor is for quick use. There’S no need to replace your old taps simply make them work better with our six different connector sizes. It fits easily with most bathroom and kitchen faucets techo. Otto water is made with the highest quality materials, including brushed aluminum, as well as cutting edge technology for a minimum of charge, combined with the reliable durability choose between seven colors and get water during the night. Without turning the main light on thanks to our motion, sensors, nightlight tech guru, otto water helps control and reduces household water usage and consumption by up to 65 percent help us bring our green technology to millions of homes around the world. [, Music, ] techo otto water use only the water you need without wasting a drop. We take our music everywhere and we are bringing that into your shower like never before. Moxie is a whole new kind of showering experience. It combines the full enveloping spray. You’Ve come to expect from a Kohler showerhead with the clean and clear sound of a high quality wireless speaker. The wireless speaker is magnetic, so it pops in and out of the showerhead and it pairs wirelessly with any device enabled with Bluetooth technology, and it works up to 32 feet away. So you just pop it in and listen to up to 7 hours of music news. Audiobooks podcasts, really anything you want and when you’re done you just pop it out for easy recharging of the built-in lithium ion battery. Moxie includes a speaker stand, so you can play it anywhere in the bathroom, while you’re getting ready for the day in the kitchen, while you’re entertaining friends even out on the deck. The 60 angled nozzles of the Moxie showerhead provide full spray coverage, meaning the speaker doesn’t interfere with the spray pattern and the showerhead itself is easy to maintain and built to withstand daily, wear and tear the silicone spray face makes it easy to wipe away calcium and Mineral deposits – and the finish is engineered to resist corrosion. The shower head is covered by a lifetime, limited warranty and the wireless speaker even carries a one-year limited warranty. The Moxie shower head is available in polished, chrome, brushed, nickel oil, rubbed, bronze and white, so it can match your decor and it comes standard with the white magnetic the speaker. The speaker inside Moxie is now sold by itself and is available in navy blue chartreuse cherry red and retro blue. So now you can Moxie with a pop of color [ Music ], you [, Music, ], you [, Music, ], you, you [ Music, ], [, Music, ], you [, Music, ], imagine being cocooned by a pure mist. Warm gentle and luxurious Cirrus is like showering in the clouds phenomenal experience, I’m totally blown away, I’m really impressed. It was an amazing shower. They say that it’s like showering in a cloud it really is. Cirrus is a revolutionary showerhead that elevates the bathing ritual into the stratosphere. produces a miss so fine that it totally envelops you and by creating a miss so fine Cirrus reduces water and energy consumption by 75 % compared to conventional showerheads, meaning you’ll see a rapid return on your investment Cirrus, also purifies, the Water, in which you’ll bathe our easy to replace nano filters, contain three layers of mineralized stones, which enhance water quality by filtering impurities, reducing chlorine, adding minerals and balancing pH levels. Each nano filter lasts two to three months of use for an average family. You can also choose from our range of organic, essential oil, aromatherapy infusers, simply add an infuser each time you shower for a completely invigorating experience. Personally, I’m not really one for the aromatherapy, but my girlfriend is she says it’s like having a spa home. Our essential oils are both colorless and soap, free, meaning they do not perfume your hair or body or discolor the water. So how does Cirrus work? Our eco-friendly cloud maker, water, atomizing technology, delivers a consistent spray by splitting the incoming water stream into myriad nano droplets. Creating a mist that is both all-embracing and highly efficient be honest. I was a little skeptical about the water savings, but I’ve been using it for about a month now and I’ve seen a significant drop in water consumption. I can see this thing paying for itself in no time and Cirrus does not compromise rinse ability, in fact, foamy shampoo, rinses out of your hair, easier with Cirrus thanks to its optimized water distribution. I’M really surprised if anything, the shower rinsed off the shampoo on my hair, faster than a normal shower, which really surprised me, because my hair is really thick. Cirrus is designed in France and uses Chrome and white polycarbonate to produce a stylish unapologetically modern, bathroom showerhead. It’S made with standard Universal fittings and installs in seconds. It is adaptable to any bathroom and set up is both to lists and foolproof. The installation is the easiest thing in the world, I’m no handyman. It took me seconds to do it. If I can do it. Anyone can do it. I have been managing the complex logistics of production and distribution for major retailers and businesses. Since I arrived in Asia ten years ago, we have a team permanently based here in Hong Kong, so we can closely monitor the development and production processes and importantly, to keep a keen eye on quality control. You can count on us to deliver on our work, so where’s the catch. The catch is now I’ll, take even longer to get ready. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Sierra’s like showering in the clouds [ Music ], you

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